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Getting high-quality transmission structures and other utility products to your site faster is what we excel at – without compromising your deadlines, costs or quality. Our unique High-Velocity Manufacturing system moves structures through the engineering and manufacturing process faster, while offering the benefits of flexibility, responsiveness and improved lead- time. We also utilize state of at computer systems including software that allows drawings to be designed and view in three dimension. Summit Utility Structure’s objective is to provide custom steel poles for many different markets. To achieve this, our engineering capabilities are of the highest caliber.

Our poles are designed to various standards such as AISC and NEMA for transmission poles, and AASHTO for lighting and traffic poles. We employ various computer analysis programs which are specially formatted for steel pole design. The most important policy at Summit is to be responsive to our customers’ needs. We would be pleased to provide you with pole design assistance, anchor bolt and foundation designs, as well as Material, pole finish, and specification recommendations.

From materials receiving to finished product, our plant is designed specifically for the production of tubular steel products. This emphasis gives us an efficient flow of work that offers our customers quick turnaround and competitively priced State-of-the-art, computer- controlled equipment renders the ultimate in precision. A CNC plasma-cutting machine cuts metal to the most products exacting tolerances. A 2,250-ton press brake shapes our pole products. Fully integrated and quality minded, our manufacturing capabilities are key to our success. Shafts with outstanding accuracy. A vertical seam welder perfectly welds together the two symmetrical halves of each pole section, producing a clean, and high-strength seam. Skilled welders and metalworkers then finish pole sections by hand.

Couple this advanced technology with our unparalleled dedication to customer service and you‘ll see why our perspective on doing business is unique in the industry.

In-House Services Include:

1) Civil, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Consulting Services

2) CNC Programming & Drafting Services